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Toledo Timeline

Have you ever wanted to see Toledo's history laid out in an interactive timeline? Here's your chance...

Most of us have a pretty terrible understanding of history. Our knowledge is spotty, with large gaps all over the place, and the parts of history we do end up knowing a lot about usually depend on the particular teachers, parents, books, articles, and movies we happen to come across in our lives. Without understanding all parts of history, we often forget the things we do learn, leaving even our favorite parts of history a bit hazy in our heads.

To truly, fully understand a time period, an event, a movement, or an important historical figure, you have to put things into context and perspective. That's the beauty of a timeline.

History is a giant collective tangle of thousands of interwoven stories involving millions of characters, countless chapters, and many, many narrators. A well researched timeline helps put everything into perspective and helps you understand things based on the historical context.

Check Out the Toledo History Timeline

I worked with Jim Marshall, the former local history manager of the Toledo Lucas County Library, to put together this detailed timeline of Toledo history back in 2016. You can check it out here:

Toledo History Timeline

I try to update this on an annual basis. If you see anything we missed, let me know.


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