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The University of Toledo Press

Forgotten Visitors

Taking readers from the Northwest Indian War to post-industrial Toledo in the early-twenty-first century, Tedd Long traces the stories of famous and not-so-famous visitors to Northwest Ohio and uncovers the surprising details of their stay in his book, Forgotten Visitors; Northwest Ohio's Notable Guests. As a master storyteller, Long goes beyond the simple questions of who, when, and where as he keenly explores the alluring backstories and subplots of the local stopovers as an entertaining way to help readers appreciate the history of the Maumee Valley.


Reedy Press

100 Things to Do in Toledo Before You Die

Whether you're new to the Glass City and interested in becoming a certified Toledoan or just exploring ideas on how to spend your next Saturday afternoon around town, this book is for you! Local author and storyteller Tedd Long’s unique appreciation for the city comes through on every page, and even longtime residents will find something new to do among his suggestions.


Remarkable Spaces

A love letter to the Maumee Valley told through a beautifully photographed collection of homes, barns, halls, churches, and other buildings—each with its own rich story. 

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