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About Our Tours

Our walking and driving tours feature little-known facts and fascinating stories about Northwest Ohio, and we offer our expert advice on other activities, restaurants, and bars for guests to explore once they've finished their tour. We've been told our tours are like a "moving podcast." They're delivered on the free VoiceMap app. Click on the Apple or Play Store link below to download your copy today!



Self-Guided Driving Tour

Unholy Toledo

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Want to explore Toledo's unholy past with a fresh approach that connects local places with fascinating people and truly unforgettable gangster stories?   $11.99


Self-Guided Walking Tour


Use your mobile phone to explore the history of Woodlawn Cemetery & Arboretum at your own pace. Enjoy a self-guided walk through the rich history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio while enjoying the beauty of Woodlawn.  FREE


Self-Guided Driving Tour

History & Hops

Are you ready to explore Toledo's premier urban neighborhood of homes, businesses, restaurants, and a minor league baseball team?   $5.99


VoiceMap GPS Driving Tour

History Along the Maumee

The history of Northwest Ohio is interwoven with the threads of myth, legend, and folklore that flow along the banks of the Maumee River—shaping our understanding of both the past and present. Join us as we travel from downtown Toledo to Grand Rapids and back.  $11.99


VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Old West End Stroll

Toledo's Old West End is one of the largest collections of late Victorian homes left standing in the United States. Walk with us as we explore the fascinating stories behind these classic examples of Colonial, Georgian, Italian Renaissance, Queen Ann, Dutch Colonial, French Second Empire and Arts and Crafts homes. Bundle $12.80


VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Explore Fort Meigs

Discover Ohio's role in the War of 1812 at one of America's largest reconstructed log forts. On this walking tour, you’ll learn how British and Canadian troops, assisted by a confederation of American Indians under Tecumseh, besieged the fort twice.  Experience the war at this National Historic Landmark through soldiers’ letters and diaries. This family-friendly tour is a must for anyone visiting Northwest Ohio.   $5.99

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VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Port of Toledo 

This 90-minute walk along the heart of downtown Toledo’s riverfront offers sightseeing, boat watching, and fascinating details about Toledo's rich maritime history. Stories like the crash of the Yuma into the Cherry Street Bridge and the building of the first 5-masted sailing vessel the David Dows help to highlight a whole new perspective on Toledo, the Maumee River, and the largest landmass port on the Great Lakes. All proceeds benefit the National Museum of the Great Lakes.  $5.99


VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Bowling Green

Meet the oil barons and entrepreneurs who helped put Bowling Green on America’s map way before the state university came to town. On this walking tour through the city’s Downtown area, you’ll encounter classic landmarks and hear the stories behind them. I’ll also share little-known tidbits about the city’s past.



VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Downtown Bowling Green

Put on your walking shoes and listen as we tell you the stories and history behind the most prominent buildings in Bowling Green—Northwest Ohio's funkiest little college town. Along the way, learn things like how Bowling Green became a boomtown, why BG shares its name with a town in Kentucky, or when and why they electrified the hands on the courthouse clock. You'll take on a whole new appreciation for Bowling Green and its incredible architecture and history.  $5.99


VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Madison to Cherry

Explore the fascinating backstories hidden within downtown Toledo's architectural hub. If you like architecture, quirky facts, and hidden surprises, this walk through the core of downtown Toledo is the tour for you.   $5.99

fort industry.jpg

VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

Jefferson to Monroe

Whether it’s your first time in Toledo or you are a lifelong resident eager to learn more about your hometown, this tour is a valuable introduction to the Glass City. We'll explore the stories behind who built the Pythian Castle, trace the Toledo Club back to its roots, and discover why Monroe Street was once called the Million Dollar Highway.   $5.99


VoiceMap GPS Walking Tour

The Warehouse District

Are you ready to explore Toledo's premier urban neighborhood of homes, businesses, restaurants, and a minor league baseball team? Grab your phone and head out for the Warehouse District Tour.  $5.99

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Getting Started

Did you know your phone's built-in GPS is accurate to between 5 and 15 meters? Our tour platform, VoiceMap, uses this to make magic, allowing me to point out tiny details at exactly the right time and place. Here's how to get started with VoiceMap...

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Download VoiceMap

Click on the Apple or Play Store link below to download the free VoiceMap app and set up your account. Why sign up? Once you download a VoiceMap tour, it’s yours forever. You need to have an account so that you can access all of
your tours. 

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Download a Tour

Type Toledo, Ohio, in the Search by Destination box, and you'll see my tours. You can use WiFi or data to download a tour. Wait for all the files to download, and then you can disconnect and turn off your mobile data. All the audio files and maps will work offline. Make sure to keep your phone off airplane mode—that turns your GPS off, so nothing will play.


Start a Tour

To reach a tour Starting Point, open the VoiceMap app, click on your Library at the bottom of the screen, and select a tour. Then click “Get Directions.”  Follow the directions to arrive at the starting point. When you arrive, close the directions app. The screen will show you how far you are from the starting point. When you get close to the starting point, click Start Tour and enjoy!

How to Use

A few years back, I made the decision to stop hosting bus tours and start delivering my tours via VoiceMap so more people could explore and enjoy Northwest Ohio. What is VoiceMap?  Simply put, it is a mobile phone-based publishing platform for location-aware audio. It allows me to share my stories and guide listeners on a walking or driving tour at the listener's own pace.


With VoiceMap's GPS autoplay, the app uses your location to play audio automatically, at exactly the right time and place, and when you start moving again, playback will too. It also gives you directions, making it much easier to put your phone away and immerse yourself in your surroundings. Put on your headphones or crank up your Bluetooth audio in your car, tap Start, and let me guide you on an exploration. If you do wander off in the wrong direction, VoiceMap plays an audio alert, and you can follow the map on your screen to the next location.


I like to think of my VoiceMap tours as moving podcasts—they are totally immersive. Here are a few things to keep in mind while using VoiceMap to do my tours. 

  • When viewing the route, you are the blue dot; the portion of the route you have done is light gray. The current segment of the route is red, and the portion of the route you have left to do is light red. The red circles are audio files, and the circle with the headphones is the file currently playing.

  • Below the map, you'll find some familiar controls to start and stop the tour.

  • The bull’s eye at the bottom right will toggle you between centering the screen to your location and the beginning of the segment.

  • To see the directions, you can click on the paragraph symbol at the bottom right of the app, and the written verbiage for that segment will appear with the directions at the top.

  • On very rare occasions, depending on your phone’s GPS, it might miss an audio file. If that happens, click the audio file, and it will start. Another option would be to click the next button at the bottom of the screen.

  • On most of my tours, a small picture for each tour stop is located in the bottom left of your phone. To enlarge it, click on it. To make it small, click the back arrow. On some stops, there may be more than one picture. Remember, to get from the picture back to the route, click on the back arrow at the top left of the picture.

That's it! The powerful technology that drives VoiceMap is very simple to use. Now, let's get moving; I'll see you down the road on our next tour!


“Wow! This was an incredible tour and well put together! I was thrilled at everything that I learned and enjoyed it so much! It was perfect for all of my children 9-12-15. I also thought it would have made a great date night, anniversary, or even something to do with a parent/grandparent. Thank you, I appreciate my city that much more now!"


My 10 year old and I had fun driving most of the tour (we stuck to the downtown area). It was an interesting way to break the monotony of the day and actually was his reward for getting his school work done. Thank you so much for this!


"Thank you! Our family did this tour this afternoon and had an absolute blast. Informative and entertaining, it was the perfect escape... Can't thank you enough for putting it together and we look forward to any other adventures you have planned. 


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