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Fort Industry Square

136 N Summit Street.

The buildings located on the northeast corner of Monroe and Summit are known as Fort Industry Square but do you know about the connection to the City of Toledo seal? We’re probably all familiar with the city's seal but few of us actually know what it represents or how it ties Toledo to the Revolutionary War.

The fort you see on the city seal is Fort Industry, a stockade fort built around 1800 on the site of what we call Fort Industry Square today. The fort was used on July 4, 1805 for the signing of the Treaty of Fort Industry which opened the Firelands to settlement. You remember the Firelands area – roughly Huron and Erie counties? This area was offered to people who lost their homes in Connecticut when the British burned them down during the Revolutionary War.

The buildings that make up Fort Industry Square today date back to the 19th century. The building on the south end is actually newer, built in the 1980s when the SeaGate Convention Center was built, a façade was removed from a building that was torn down to make room for the convention center and placed here to help the new building blend in with the rest of the older ones. Okay, all together now: “Gee, I didn’t know that!”

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