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New Walking Tours Explore Downtown Bowling Green

Bowling Green has a fascinating history—from its roots as a farming village, to the county seat, to a gas and oil boomtown, to a college city. Thankfully, much of the city’s legacy can still be explored through the beautiful architecture that defines BG. Two self-guided walking tours have been released this summer to help people experience Bowling Green’s remarkable downtown architecture and rich history.

The smartphone tours are guided by Tedd Long, a local history author, storyteller, and curator of "I've developed several of these location-aware smartphone tours, but I'm thrilled to host these two to share the BG story and help preserve and promote the city’s historic architecture. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the magic of GPS playback and immerse yourself in the legends and landmarks of Bowling Green," he added.

Long said the two 60-minute walking tour covers about 50 stops inside the downtown BG area. One focuses on points north of Wooster. The other includes homes on North Wooster and then works its way toward downtown to cover points along South Main Street.

The smartphone tours are $5.99 and can be purchased online. The tour's immersive audio narration plays automatically at precisely the right time and place using the user's smartphone GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline. VoiceMap, a publishing platform and mobile app for location-aware audio tours, uses GPS to play audio automatically and includes turn-by-turn directions. Those not in Bowling Green can listen to the tour at home with photographs of locations along the route.

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