• Tedd Long


Solving the History Jigsaw Puzzle.

In a previous post I introduced an interactive timeline of Toledo history I co-developed with Jim Marshall for the Toledo History Museum's online exhibits. I'm kind of into timelines, they help me organize history in a visual way and they are an excellent storytelling tool. I think most of us learned our history in piecemeal fashion: a little bit here, a little bit there. While we all can remember small bits of the lessons, most feel like history is some giant jigsaw puzzle with lots of missing pieces. The history timeline helps put the pieces all together.

I've developed several local history timelines over the years. One I'm very proud of is displayed on over 120 feet of beautiful glass panels in ProMedica's Headquarters in downtown Toledo's Water Street Station, now known as the "Steam Plant." Here's an online version of the timeline...

A Walk Through History

I enjoyed working on this project. It was interesting to work with the designers as they took the copy and images I researched and magically transformed them into beautiful custom wall displays.

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